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About Gem Auto Leasing

We at Gem Auto Leasing know how stressful car shopping can be.  Running back and forth to dealerships to negotiate a deal and hopefully get the best price, not being able to find a salesperson when you need one, or being approached by numerous salespeople at one time making you feel uncomfortable. Let’s not forget the biggest  issue …deals changing at the time of delivery because a mistake was made with the numbers, the rates or even the rebates.  It all becomes very frustrating and takes the excitement out of your new vehicle Lease or Purchase.

Gem Auto Leasing is now happy to provide this FREE CAR SHOPPING service to consumers and businesses. We are your one stop shopping Auto Leasing/Financing Company. We do the work for you!

Being in the automotive industry for 35+ years, Gem Auto takes pride in our ability to negotiate and to listen to our customer's needs and concerns. Whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced auto buyer, together we will find the perfect vehicle for you at the lowest price. Our trained Professional Sales Consultants are here to answer all of your questions. We offer all makes and models, take trade-ins and we will match or beat our competitor's prices. As an added bonus, we know how busy a day can be… so Gem Auto will deliver your new vehicle directly to you. Home, office, doesn't matter, just sit back, relax and watch your new vehicle pull up in front of you.

Our motto is..."If you dream can drive it" so go online or give us a call and let us make your dreams come true.


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